Ready for your artist breakthrough? Submit applications by March 27

I’ve had such a blast with my new Artist Breakthrough Program that I’m doing it again. It’s 28 days of motivation and accomplishment.

This is for you if
You have a BIG breakthrough goal to check off your list and are highly motivated to accomplish it
You seek the comfort of a group situation and can give to others in the group

This is NOT for you if
You’re “lost” and don’t know where to begin
You’re just looking for information–this isn’t a class format
You like to do everything for yourself
You’re always right
You’re so focused on yourself that you can’t help others

Good Breakthrough Goals:

  • After 28 days, I will have a promotional plan for my exhibit in September.
  • After 28 days, I will have a portfolio I can send to galleries.
  • I will blog every day for 28 days.
  • I will do three things to promote my art every day for 28 days.
  • I will spend 5 hours in the studio 5 days a week and complete at least 2 works.

Bad Breakthrough Goals (if these are submitted, the application won’t be considered):

  • I’d like to spend time figuring out how to market my art.
  • I need to get started on a new body of work.
  • I need to fix my blog and decide what to put on there.

See how the Good examples are measurable? The Bad examples are too nebulous.

Read more about the Artist Breakthrough Program and submit your applications. Applications must be received by March 27.

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5 comments to Ready for your artist breakthrough? Submit applications by March 27

  • Wow, this one looks great! Unfortunately the timing is slightly off for me but as always you inspire me. I have something that would (and should!) be done within a month timeframe. I’ll just have to self-motivate on this one! I highly recommend you to other artists though, and will keep an eye out for this one the next time around.

  • This is a great program. I’m in the first group of ABP participants and I have made real strides with my goal, despite having made a midstream adjustment to make my breakthrough goal more realistic and helpful. I think all of us who are participating have found the structure helpful, the blog platform for community interaction powerful, and the results worth the investment.

  • Tina and Susie: Thank you! It’s such a joy working with both of you.

  • I am going to chime in with Susie, as a member of the first ABP program. This is well worth doing if you really want to “breakthrough” with specific goals. Having the accountability and the support of the group and Alyson’s feedback has been terrific. I would even consider doing it again!

  • I’ll add my two cents worth. With Alyson’s guidance I was able to focus on a goal, determine measureable outcomes, and get going on my plan. It was hard work, but I feel better about where I am than ever before. Thanks to those of you in the first ABP group, and to Alyson as well for the support I received.