An artist’s videos a step above the rest

Wanna know how the other half lives? It’s an artist’s life unlike most.

Check out Owen Garratt’s videos. They really are first rate. He tells good stories and we can’t help but feel the enthusiasm he has for life and his art.

Yes, I realize we can’t all live or produce videos like Garratt, but we can learn some lessons.

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2 comments to An artist’s videos a step above the rest

  • Alyson: This is amazing. I had no idea this was what this guy was up to when I gave you that article. I checked his website out. It took me awhile to realize that the pictures I was looking at were his pencil drawings. Wow! And that red car, what is that? Okay I guess the myth of the starving artist is completely blown. It is all in the marketing! Rachelle

  • When I’m in a slump I go out and take pictures. I love composing artistic photos, love remembering the wonderful scenery/flowers I see and can stay in the creative process without actually painting (if my mind seems to be on “stop” for the monent/s.