Cleaning out

Had to stop to report that I just finished my Office Spa Day with Jennifer Hofmann.

In 3 hours (2 hours with Jennifer + 1 hour on my own), I cleaned out the two file drawers next to my desk and cleaned off my workspace. As a result, I:

  • Emptied 48 manila files and 16 hanging files
  • Reclaimed 35 paper clips
  • Will be sending a 9"-high stack of paper to recycling
  • Will be shredding a 2" stack of paper

I’d say I feel about 20 pounds lighter! I wanted to do this not just to free up space, but to make room in my head for everything I want to think about and accomplish.

Read how you can join in the workspace diet when Jennifer offers the Office Spa Day to my readers on April 24 (next week!). Limited to 15 people.

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3 comments to Cleaning out

  • awwsome concept:) I call it maintainance.. but office day spa sounds so much more appealing:)

  • Hoorah! Feels nice doesn’t it? Now you know how I felt after doing your Get Organized class. 🙂

  • Margret Short

    Alyson, this was so interesting to read your thoughts about your recent “de-cluttering” and cleaning out of files. In my recent move into our new home/studio/office, I accomplished a similar clearing of dozens of manila files, hanging files, outdated financial papers, and many many papers with the outdated address. We donated the slightly used office supplies to a political party of our choice and took 7 huge bags to the shredders. Moving is such a traumatic and time consuming event. But, when you are trying to find a place for everything in new surroundings, it is very beneficial and therapeutic to narrow things down as much as possible. It is a very cleansing feeling, just as you described.