Podcast: Perform a Web site checkup

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Time to check up on your Web site. Is everything working as it should?


Is your Web site working for you?

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2 comments to Podcast: Perform a Web site checkup

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  • Joe

    Good advice, Alyson. It reminds me of a related problem, that one should periodically check that their website is just plain working! I have a few different websites for different purposes. Most I use regularly so I’d notice any problems quickly. But one site I don’t visit that often – one day I went there and found that my host provider did a software upgrade to PHP that broke my website. What a surprise that was, to know that I’d been down for a week. Now I have a list of urls that I check daily to make sure my sites are all in working order. In Firefox I have a bookmark folder of these sites and a middle-click on that folder opens all of the urls in separate tabs. It takes just 1 minute to check, and it’s time well spent!