Spring cleaning challenge

Jennifer Hofmann at My Organized Biz has issued an April Spring Cleaning Challenge and I’m a little late following up with her tag. BUT, I accepted her challenge.

My April challenge for myself is to clean out my files. And not just the files next to my desk, but the ones in my archives. Whew! I can’t wait to get this done.

Luckily, I have an Office Spa Day scheduled with Jennifer this week. I’ve also teamed up with her to offer one for all of my readers.

Office Spa Day
Thursday, April 24, 7 p.m. ET, 6 p.m. CT, 5 p.m. MT, and 4 p.m. PT

Drowning in piles?
Annoyed by clutter?
Can’t find a single thing when you need it?

Jennifer will walk you through a 2.5-hour cleaning of your space and clearing of your frantic mind.

Limited to 15 people, so email Jennifer now and let her know you deserve a spa day!

So, what’s your spring cleaning goal?

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4 comments to Spring cleaning challenge

  • Rebecca Townsend

    Hi Alyson, I am a great fan of yours ever since I took your ‘Promote your Art Class’ last Summer. My life hasn’t been the same since. About Spring Cleaning…I decided to have a bargain sale in my home. It’s this Saturday. I’ve already pre-sold one of my major pieces. I admit I have a reason more than clearance for the sale. I need to buy Euros. I’m leaving for an art residency on May 1st in France. It’s for 30 days. Nothing like a bit of motivation for hard cold cash to have a clearance sale. Anyway, I counted the number of paintings and I came up with 58. 58 paintings without counting the drawings, sketches and forgotten works in closets. So the postcards and ads are out and the reason and the new blog are up for discussion. The whole event has been well received. Please check out the daily blog from the residency. The address: http://rebeccadarlington.typepad.com/30daysinfrance/ Congrats to you on your new book and wonderful promotion tour. I’ve enjoyed the trip. – Rebecca

  • Hi there! Yay for your spring clearning goals, Alyson! I’m really excited about the Office Spa Day for Artists – if you want to know more about it or want to sign up, here’s the link to visit: http://www.artbizcoach.com/classes/officespaday.html Can’t wait! 🙂 Jennifer

  • Rebecca, great idea! I hope it’s a good thing that your life hasn’t been the same!

  • rebecca

    Alyson, Your class and turning my life around has been a very good thing. When you have a chance please see the photos from the residency. Est tres monifique! The address: http://rebeccadarlington.typepad.com/30daysinfrance/