New signature block

My new signature block:

Alyson B. Stanfield
Website –>
Blog –>
Book –>
Twitter –>
Facebook –>

P.O. Box 988, Golden, CO 80402, USA

I got the idea from someone else who sent me an auto-reply when I subscribed to his newsletter. I thought it would be neat to try adding Twitter and Facebook to my signature and see what happens.

Update 3.9.2017: Wow! This is old! I would never put 5 links in a signature block these days.

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3 comments to New signature block

  • What happened:) ? I think we should encourage our artist friends to twitter. As making art is a solitary act, having some artist friends on twitter is like shouting across a cubical, adding some comeradship and support to break up the solitude.

  • I’ve noticed some people are adding links to their LinkedIn profiles as well. It’ll be interesting to see how everything shakes down. Inevitably, some of these web 2.0 sites/profiles will die out (I think the Twitter competitor known as Jaiku already has.) I think we’ll start to see sites such as Friend Feed catch on, where people aggregate all their different sites/streams into one place.

  • Hi:
    I’m reading the signature block while I’m away on my iPhone. I don’t see directions on how to set it up. I have a Mac 🙂 .