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Ever caught yourself talking about your "real job" as if it weren’t your art, but something that just pays the bills right now? If so, you need to listen to this week’s podcast.



See Actions 1 and 4 in I’d Rather Be in the Studio! to appear more successful than you might think you are and to work on your artist statement (this builds confidence!).

Monday’s post: Being taken seriously as an artist. 

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3 comments to Podcast: Take yourself seriously

  • Alyson, Great podcast and it amazes me when people in any field are shy or timid about making others respect them. I think artists especially have to take a firm stand as many people don’t respect artists thinking them to be of no value to society. There are so many people who wonder why anyone would ever want to be a starving artist. Fact is, it is hard to make it in any business and art is just another business that many do well in and many do not fare so well. Art is a great career and many artists have created a very respectful livelihood and should be respected just as any other professional. Wildlife Artist, Boyd Greene

  • Having to justify our activities with income is such a hard thing to overcome. And people just assume art can’t earn and we have an “other job”. The “so what else do you do?” question never stopped for during the last 10 years. And I suppose fighting pretty successfully and confidently against that question is why now I find it embarrassing to admit to my side bit of graphic design work.

  • Tara Carey

    I usually just don’t mention that I have a second job. I will introduce myself as an artist always, and I don’t mention that I have another job for a couple of hours a night. I have had people actually try to correct me: “Oh, you mean your husband works and you’re a stay at home mom?” That could run all over me I suppose if I let it, but I look at it as an invitation to tell them more about my artwork. I usually pull out my artbook and let them flip through it while I tell them about what I do. You never know – something that might have once irritated you or felt insulting to you, could lead to a conversation and a sale! My children are at home with me during the day, and I usually try to make a joke about it. “Oh yes, I do work while my children are at home. Oh yes, it is nice to be able to work from home. The fact that my children are there with me is both the blessing and the horror of having a home office and studio.” Perception is everything. The truth is that most people are pleasers and wouldn’t insult you purposefully. So take time to tell them about yourself and your artwork. Tara