A gallery has sent out an offer for a group exhibition with the premise that one advantage is the sharing of mailing lists between the small group of artists and the gallery/company (they do other things too).  I’ve done shows in the past where the organisers simply asked artists to send pre-printed address labels to get around privacy problems – so everyone benefitted from each other’s mailing lists, but the addresses weren’t actually given out to each other.  This gallery, however, is saying that at the end of the show each artist will be given full inclusive mailing lists.

I will not be doing the show because of this, as I have a published privacy policy under the Data Protection Act. I don’t claim to be an angel and I do make mistakes with my list sometime, but this would clearly be giving their information to a 3rd party.

My real question: is it worth replying to the gallery with my usual thank you but with a friendly explanation of my privacy policy and the suggestion of what my other galleries have done in the past? I really feel they should know about the issue but also don’t want to be the know-it-all and get struck from their list as I had hoped to work with them in future on another project in the works.

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