A very cool use of Twitter

The other day I gave you a resource–a free e-book–for how to use Twitter. About the same time, I was reading Penny Sansevieri’s newsletter, which mentioned this incredibly clever use of Twitter:

Someone is tweeting a cookbook! That’s right. Recipes in 140 characters or less.

There aren’t even any links to longer instructions. Ingredients, amounts, everything . . . it’s all right there. And she has 1842 followers at this point.

IMO, this is the most creative use of Twitter  I’ve seen. And the information is useful. Useful, practical=more followers. I see a book deal in her future!

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3 comments to A very cool use of Twitter

  • That’s so funny. 🙂 And a very creative use of Twitter. Thanks for that link the other day, I’m about half way through the book.

  • Lyn Bishop

    It’s been fun to follow cookbook on Twitter and to read the recipes in 140 words or less. I especially thought the blueberry pizza was very creative. Speaking of Twitter, I just learned about a micro blogging site for artists, based in the UK and associated with Art Review magazine. It’s called Art Buzz. http://artbuzz.artreview.com/

  • Lyn: Please report back to us and let us know about the site. I want to know if I should recommend it. I just hate overloading people (altho I’m very good at it!).