Google offers advice in article

In a recent article in USA Today, one of Google’s engineers (and a blogger himself) offers advice for how to get Google to find your site and to like you. Most of this stuff is mentioned as part of the teleseminars with Clint Watson, but there are a couple of new gems. For instance, I may try out the sitemap tool they recommend. My sitemap is more than a little neglected and it would be cool if it really generates a sitemap automatically.

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3 comments to Google offers advice in article

  • I have not dropped by your blog in awhile, I must add it to my google reader today. We are actually trying the google sitemap thing this afternoon …rather my assistant is looking into it … the instructions just made my eyes cross. I hope she has success with it.

  • Thank’s for the tip. I’ve just read the article and it’s very helpful and I’m trying the text-based site map tool today.

  • Rebecca: Thanks for stopping back in! Yes–get it to the assistant. Lauren: Good luck with it. Very easy to generate. Now I just need to figure out how to use it best. AHA! That’s what my Web guru is for. I don’t have to do it all!