Podcast: Start Promoting Your Exhibition Now, Part 3: Execute Your Plan

This is the last in a series of three podcasts aimed to get you promoting your exhibition now rather than waiting until right before it opens. This is all about executing your tasks–following through on your good ideas.


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How do you stay on top of your tasks?


In Part 2 of this three-part series, I gave a list of 22 promotional tasks that will lead to a bigger audience, more enthusiasm for your art, and more sales.

Part 1 is the first step: describing your art.


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4 comments to Podcast: Start Promoting Your Exhibition Now, Part 3: Execute Your Plan

  • Gah, I’m still trying to do Part 2! Fortunately, looking through it, I did a lot of the tasks already. They were things I always have on my event to-do list. And double fortunately my ‘event’ is 2 weekends so I’m able to use this week to repeat some of the things and do a few I missed out on. And I wanted to commment to say how GREAT the Get Organized class is. Highly recommended from a previous participant.

  • One thing I learned from this series is to tell your mailing list what to expect at an upcoming event. Instead of the usual who, what, where, when thing, I did just that – told them what to expect and really talked it up very positively. I received a number of positive replies, including a very nice note from the store owner, appreciative of my efforts. And she placed her largest order yet! I’m about to read your book through a second time and make even more improvements to my business. Most of the things you suggest are quite small, but have a big impact. Thanks Alyson! Stefani

  • Thankyou for this series, it’s been incredibly helpful. I admit I run around like a headless proverbial for a few days then get cracking. my list ended up looking a lot like yours and I used yours from week 2 to refine my final plan. I find that having the todos and reminders is all very well but I can’t visualize what I have to do, how long it’s going to take and how everything relates together when it’s just in a list – so I headed back to my project management roots with this exhibition and drew up a gantt chart which has it all beautifully laid out in a visual manner. I’ve made sure to allocate time to paint and time to market, logistical things and the little things that are so easy to forget in the flurry like finishing edges and hanging hardware and labels and so forth. now I can see at a glance what I have scheduled for the week, how long each thing will take, what the impact of things are and which ones are critical and most importantly the relation of other tasks. I’ve stopped panicking and am now in productive mode because it’s all so easy to see. I might write a piece or two about PM for artists on my blog as a result actually.. it’s really helped me out! (and yes, I even did my wedding with a gantt and it was a piece of cake!)

  • I want to echo Tina’s comment that your Get Organized class is FANTASTIC! I whole-heartedly recommend it. And Alyson, the new photo is fabulous! Fun and approachable and oozing encouragement… just like you!