Publishing a book with Blurb is a resource I have recommended in the back of I’d Rather Be in the Studio! Since I have never personally used Blurb, I want to share with you this recommendation from happy customer Rebecca Crowell.

Using the website, you can download free self-publishing  software, and after you have put together images and text (using  templates) and have uploaded your book it will be printed upon  demand–as many copies as requested, from one on up. There is no up-front cost–the software is free. You can even offer your book for sale on the Blurb website and add a profit margin if you wish.

I used this website and software to publish a catalog of my work that I plan to have available at my galleries and other situations where self-promotion is called for. By the way, some of the text in my book grew out of the class The Artist Statement and Beyond, which I took from you a few years ago. So I’m still finding ways to use the writing I did then–updated of course!

Thanks, Rebecca! And I’m thrilled that the work on your statement continues to serve you well. While I know longer offer that class, I have put it in e-book format under The Relatively Pain-Free Artist Statement.

Read more about Rebecca’s catalog, pricing, and printing details.

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5 comments to Publishing a book with Blurb

  • I second Rebecca’s recommendation! I used Blurb to publish a few catalogs of my solo show last year, and they turned out really well. I’m working on a new one in a different format now. I was impressed by the quality, and you can’t beat the price or the fact that you don’t have to order in bulk. I have my book uploaded and just order a few at a time when I need one to send to an interested collector or gallery.

  • And I third it! 🙂 I tried a few options but decided Blurb’s sofware was easiest (and that’s coming from a graphic designer – so doing my own layouts was an option). I’ve had very good feedback on my 2 books. They are a wee bit more expensive than a couple competitors but I felt the quality was much better.

  • Any pros and cons on Blurb vs. Lulu? I am researching, perfect timing!

  • Robin: Maybe ask for samples? Tina seems to have tried a few and found Blurb most satisfying.

  • Thank you so much for this. I plan on using in the future, but for now, Rebecca’s beautiful work has inspired me. Thanks for both.