New artist stamps at the PO


I’m always excited when artist stamps come out. Right now, the Post Office is selling Charles & Ray Eames 42-cent stamps. Get ’em while they’re hot (or at least before stamp prices go up again).

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4 comments to New artist stamps at the PO

  • The “real” artist stamps are the ones with your own work on them. More expensive than regular (which, I agree, is pricey these days), they look great on mailings when paired with address labels with the same art.

  • Burnell Yow!

    You can order real US Postage stamps with your own art on them at

  • Love them! I think the PO and their stamps are one of the great things about the US. I was at the market here in Lisbon yesterday and almost bought a bunch of Portuguese stamps. Why are they so compelling? Tammy, that’s a great reminder, making your own stamps. What a smart thing to do when sending out invitations!

  • Yes, I love artists’ “real stamps.” But aren’t these just to die for?! They’re so eye-catching. The PO did a GREAT job on them. We want more! Cynthia, maybe we’ll see Portuguese stamps on Journey Juju. They can’t be this cool.