Podcast: Treat your art like it belongs in a museum

If you don’t start treating your art like it belongs in a museum, why should anyone else?


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Monday afternoon update to the content: Of course, you shouldn’t use Plexiglas with pastels! The UV Plexi suggestion was only for when you are using Plexi appropriately.



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1 comment to Podcast: Treat your art like it belongs in a museum

  • Not everyone can have work in a museum, but as Alyson says, they can treat their work like it belongs in a museum. A good suggestion is to include gloves (the one cent disposable kind) when artists or craftspeople send their work out to a show, gallery or exhibition. As an artist, you can’t control whether the exhibitor wears gloves when they handle your work, but including the gloves when you ship your work sends a strong message about how you want your work to be handled. I also prepare a Condition Report when sending work to an exhibition. The Condition Report is in the top of the box, the first thing the exhibition sponsor sees when they go to unpack your work. You can find a sample Condition Report form in the Professional Guidelines. Keep a copy of the Condition Report for yourself, then when you get your work back from a show you have an accurate record of the condition of your artwork before it left your studio. View the Professional Guidelines: http://www.snagmetalsmith.org/Publications/Professional_Guidelines/ to find a sample Condition Report. The irony is that the less “professional” the exhibition sites (i.e. where the installers and exhibition sponsors are volunteers or students ) the more likely you are to need to send gloves and a Condition Report. These efforts along with your professional packing will set your work apart. Read my blog or ASK Harriete your professional question at: http://www.askharriete.typepad.com