Podcast: Use (or Drop) Another Name for Your Art Business

Listen up if you’re using a business name instead of your own name for your art career. I’ll tell you when it’s okay and when you should probably transition away from the business name.


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5 comments to Podcast: Use (or Drop) Another Name for Your Art Business

  • Great podcast. Yep, I need to be more front & center in my business and I need to work on my personal art domain more and invest some time in branding my name. I do offer both commercial art services and I create fine art that I do just for myself. I think branding myself as a fine artist that also runs a successful commercial art studio is a great way to work this split personality out.

  • Allison J Smith

    Thanks for all your help, Alyson! I am now transitioning to my name! I purchased the URL months ago, but now I am making it prominent and putting the other “names” in the shadows. Giving me all the angles allows me to make an informed decision that I feel comfortable with, so I can go with it and not worry. And as you’ve mentioned, people buy from confidence!

  • Allison: That’s great news. I know you’ve been struggling with this. I hope it’s all coming together for you.

  • I have a bit of a name conundrum. I had decided not to DBA my maiden name as 3 extremely important people have the same name and was never able to come up in google without paying big money. So I used my very unique married name which made me top in the ranks. I had a little bit of history with that name and then my husband and I separated. My company is a separate name, but I think I may need a different “me” name, as I will not be keeping my married name. But people look for my by my name, not the business name. Any thoughts or advice?

  • I feel like Michelle. I have had a name identity crises having gone through two divorces and kept my married name both times. My maiden name has gone underground and I think I might need to excavate it and use it for the rest of my life. If I remarry, I do not take the new man’s name. I have been signing my paintings with my first name because of this conundrum and named my business with my first name only. How does this all affect the art career?