Art in America Annual Guide

I mentioned the Art in America Annual Guide to Galleries, Museums, and Artists in today’s Art Marketing Action newsletter and podcast.

Just wanted to clarify that I know of only two places to get this:

1) At the magazine stand in most bookstores.
2) From the Art in America Web site (although it doesn’t look like they make it easy for you)

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2 comments to Art in America Annual Guide

  • Allison J Smith

    I found the guide also has art consultants listed. Just look at the titles of the business and it says a lot about what kind of business they are. Very helpful!

  • They really DO make it difficult for you to get the guide issue! I just tried to call them and was told that if I subscribed I’d not get this guide but next year’s. When I asked to buy just the guide I was transferred to someone else and then he gave me a separate number to call to get it. Called THAT number and they charge $30 (twice the normal cost) and will not take credit cards! ARGH!! And I can’t find a copy at my local book store — they don’t carry AIA. AY-yi-yi!! What’s an artist to do? Stefanie