Podcast: Diversify: Don’t rely on one sales venue

You can’t rely on a good thing to continue forever.  You have to have lots of good things in your bag of tricks.

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4 comments to Podcast: Diversify: Don’t rely on one sales venue

  • Alyson is TOTALLY right on this one. Some years ago one of the best galleries in the Southwest got on a roll with my work and sold everything I could paint almost as fast as I could paint them. This lasted for several years before it slowed down to a more sustainable pace. It was easy to slip into thinking “hey, I have arrived!” when the sales were fast and furious. And with that came a tendency to want to let things out of the studio a little too quickly. It is a much better thing all around to not rely on any one dealer, art consultant, or whatever. So many galleries seem to have the life expectancy of May flies. It is more work to coordinate sending one’s work around to numerous galleries, but on another level it takes a lot of pressure off any one gallery relationship, Like the weather, if you wait a few minutes in the art world, galleries, dealers, customers all change. Do the work of getting your art into numerous outlets. It really pays off.

  • Good advice! I am currently having to research more galleries since I’ve had 3 recently shut their doors. Since I am a package deal in the Summer (home with two sons), I cannot always visit some galleries in person. And during the school year I need to be home when my kids get out of school. Am I setting myself up for disaster without a personal visit? Or can I rely on the longevity, reputation and other artist’s opinions of the galleries? I’d love to hear how other artist-moms and dads resolve this.

  • This is a great podcast. I tell friends this all the time when it comes to the web. Having your own website is great, but when you get out there on dozens of portfolio sites and selling sites you are joining new neighborhoods. Yes you may want to be wise about what neighborhoods to play in, but you have to get out there and play. One website with your name on it will never cut it if you want to be seen on the web. Casey I would suggest you devote some hours to web marketing and also phone work when you feel you need to be at home with the kids. I am not a Mom, but I have seen plenty of artist Moms doing great work on-line.

  • RE: your cat Tofu. As a fellow cat lover, Alyson, know that you, hubby and Frida are considered part of her “pride”. The members all contribute to the whole in some way. This is the reason cats must bring their prey into the house and/or drop it at your feet. To you it’s revolting, to Tofu, she’s provided lunch for the pride…and trying to be the best cat she can be. Just a thought.