Podcast: Don’t shrink your mailing list just yet

Listen to this before you delete anyone from your mailing list!


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3 comments to Podcast: Don’t shrink your mailing list just yet

  • I just had a reception and sent out 1200 invitations. That is typical; I just can’t whittle down my list. I remember everyone on the list. Sometimes the recipient has no intention of coming to one of my events but likes the image on the invitation. They keep it out where others can see it, ie, the refrigerator, on the kitchen counter, coffee table, etc. I have had people come to the reception through the ‘back door’ like this, and I have sold paintings to them or have gotten a commission. The way I look at it, it never does any harm. Keeping everyone on the mailing list only spreads the word. I have also had people cme to an event who I haven’t heard from in 10-15 years! But they occasionally show up and express their ongoing interest and appreciation for keeping them on the mailing list. Whether people have purchased a painting from me or not, I treat them all like they are my best client because, who knows, some day they may be!

  • I was contemplating the same issue last week while preparing invitations to an opening. After reading your article, I sent invitations to everyone on my list. To my surprise, I heard from a client from 3 years ago who immediately asked for a private showing. I expect to gain a sale from the invitations alone, before the show evens starts. Certainly making my efforts and the costs of creating/mailing the invitations very worthwhile. Thanks for the article.

  • Alyson B. Stanfield

    Susan: Thanks for the reminder that we don’t just send stuff in the mail for the recipient, but also for the residual effects. After all, they know 200-250 other people. Mira: Yea! Love hearing that! So glad it is paying off already.