Podcast: Lay out your curriculum

Your art education doesn’t end with formal schooling. It’s back to school time!


(Check back to the blog tomorrow for the promised list of books.)

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3 comments to Podcast: Lay out your curriculum

  • Margret Short

    Alyson, You are so right about how important it is keep learning and perfecting our craft. There are so many wonderful books, documentaries, and blogs which are great resources. Sometimes it is easy to become somewhat tired of the same old thing, but a new project, or theme, or idea gets us going. My recent historical pigment project was like a renewal to me with a fresh way to look at painting. After many months, I have not tired of it at all. Thank you for your insights, Margret Short

  • My curriculum (other than art, not until after I finish the syllabi that I need for the 3 college classes I’m teaching this fall) is going to consist of web marketing. I’m working to tie it all together… Twitter, blog, website etc. I’ve been running through your podcasts on my ipod. Excellent resource. Following various web mavens on twitter is instructive but mind boggling… what is tinyurl? Ahh! Google it! http://tiny.cc/LRr0q But if I use that then the link doesn’t alert search engines. Always the balance- what is more important… I feel like I’m running as fast as I can but still not catching up! The goal moves beyond so much more quickly than my plodding feet!

  • Alyson: Regarding on-going education, I have a small hand-made paper notebook (purchased while holidaying in India last year) in which I record all my visits to galleries, lectures, special events etc. My aim is to have at least one entry for each week. This commitment has never been difficult to achieve. In fact many weeks have more than one entry! I have also just realized that this documentation was started exactly one year ago, that week being August 20th. There are still plenty of pages left for future entries. Cheers Diana