Podcast: Tweak your email habits

Boy, oh, boy. Some of you really need to work on your email etiquette. Things are getting sloppy out there. If you think you could use some pointers, listen up.


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4 comments to Podcast: Tweak your email habits

  • Thank you for your continued help, tips, advice and the occasional kick in the pants. Now I’m looking back to see the emails that I’ve sent to you in the past . . . is it me???

  • Thanks for the great tips, Alyson! I completely agree about using my domain name instead of my Yahoo e-mail address; however, spammers used my address and it was blocked from major servers! I called all the tech support people and discovered couldn’t do anything about it. I appreciate all the work you do to help us out.

  • Rebecca: I don’t keep track of the offenders, so you’re safe. Brenda: I wonder if you can have one email that is posted on your site (info@) and another you use to email (brenda@) ?? You’re talking to someone who has been blacklisted from more than one list because of (1) the amount of email I send out and (2) the fact that spammers have used artbizcoach.com in the past. I’ve bounced back!

  • […] probably send a lot of email. I’m asking you this week to reexamine what you’re sending people. I want you to improve your messages and make sure you’re not sending the same ole, […]