Upcoming book events in Tulsa and on the Western Slope


I had the pleasure of meeting members at the Greater Castle Rock Art Guild (one of the most organized artist groups I’ve been to!) last night.

That’s Janene DiRico-Cable selling my book at right. It was a terrific bunch of artists and I truly appreciate the opportunity to spend time with them.

It was the first meeting of any kind that I can recall attending where someone was giving away a load of art. Sally Crain-Jager was moving to Santa Fe and lined the room with work she was giving away to anyone who wanted to take it home. Those are some of her canvases you see behind Janene. It was crazy! But also a wonderfully generous moment that she shared with her fellow artists.

Oh, yeah. I’ll be doing a similar program at the Tulsa Artist Guild on September 16 and in Carbondale, Colorado on October 12.

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