Women’s creative spaces

A freelance writer for a national woman’s magazine says:

For an article about women’s creative spaces, I’m looking for locations (residential rooms, studios, outbuildings) where female artists create–i.e. paint, weave, sew, throw pots, design, garden … The article will feature the woman/artist and her space. Where is it? What does it mean to her? I’m looking for really exceptional inspirational places. I’ll be feeding locations to my editor, who will make the final decision. What I need: a brief write up of the woman (name, age, location, what she does (i.e. illustrates books, weaves, sews recycled sweater blankets), and a few JPEGS of her space, which again, should be in her home or on her residential property. Lastly, I need a shot of her, too.

Note that this isn’t about just any old studio or functionality of your creative space. It’s about the uniqueness of it. If you have a really exceptional inspirational place to create, the writer has asked me to have you post some photos somewhere and your contact info and she’ll get in touch with you. All you have to do here is leave the link to the info she requests in a comment with this post. Note: These must be residental spaces.

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