Don’t forget to thank these people

Continuing this week’s theme of gratitude . . . send handwritten Thank You Notes to the following people:

Anyone who purchases your work. Set a $$ limit. For instance, there is no need to send a Thank You note to someone who purchased a set of note cards or a calendar from you.

Anyone who talks with you about your work and expresses interest. Maybe you met them at a party, an opening, or a meeting. If you have their business card or contact info, send them a note.

Anyone who goes out of their way to attend your opening. Not everyone, of course! But someone who made a big effort or someone who is a VIP.

Anyone who lends a helping hand, such as the person who greets guests at your open studio, mans your cash register, or installs work for your exhibition.

Anyone who mentioned you on a very active blog and sent a lot of people to your Web site.

Anyone who gives you a lead–tells you about another person (such as a gallery dealer, collector, curator) who might be interested in your work. Even if the lead doesn’t pan out, the person was trying to help you.

Anyone who writes a recommendation for you.

Anyone who gives you a discount (like on framing or art materials).

Anyone who writes an article about your work.
But wait until the article is published.

Don’t stop with this list. Think of all the people who have helped you along the way and fill your heart (and your pen) with words of gratitude.

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