Timing for Thank You Notes

Timing is important

You have a couple of days to write a Thank You note. After just a few days have passed, the recipient is more likely to remember you and your conversation. As time passes, memories fail and your Thank You note could look more like a sales mechanism than a sincere gesture of gratitude. Try to get your note out as soon as possible.

If you waited too long

If you waited too long, don’t despair. Send a Thank You note anyway and add a bit of humor:

“I have been meaning to write for the past month to thank you for purchasing my work, but the dog ate all of my stationery and I broke both of my legs, so I couldn’t get out to buy more . . . “

You get the picture. If you’ve waited too long, be self-effacing, apologize, and–as always–show your sincerity.

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