Does your blogging need a shot in the arm?

Beth Hayden, who teaches live courses in blogging, has recently introduced her Basics of Blogging Toolkit, to help bloggers and bloggerwannabes everywhere get it right. You can order the print version or download it immediately and save $30. Check it out.

Beth is also hosting two upcoming teleseminars on blogging.

Maybe one of these tools will boost your blog in 2009!

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2 comments to Does your blogging need a shot in the arm?

  • i want to buy one,but i can’t open this website.

  • I keep hearing so much about how great Blogs are, but with the exception of art marketing/business sites such as yours, few Art blogs are of any relevance or merit beyond a daily journal. How about some examples of great art blogs? I’m a sculoptor so a sculpture related blog would be especially helpful. Thanks! Gregory