Embrace the good signs

I had a fantastic dream last night. It didn't start off on a good foot, but–as it turned out in the dream–I inherited $1million! The money didn't come from my family, but from a former docent at one of the museums where I worked. I was told that I was named in her will because she always liked and appreciated my work.

How about that? See, it pays off to be nice to people! (Even imaginary people.)

I think it's a sign. A sign of unexpected income. A sign of a really good year. Whatever. I don't have dreams like that very often, so I'm holding it close.

Happy New Year to you and those you love

I've been sending out New Year's cards, but since I can't send out cards to everyone I'd like to, I'll share it here with you and wish you a prosperous 2009 filled with feel-good dreams that come true.

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10 comments to Embrace the good signs

  • Great dream – let’s hope you’re right and it is a clear sign of what 2009 holds for you. Now you need to dream what you’re going to spend it on!

  • Love the card! Will print out several copies and tuck them in places to surprise myself- desk drawer, on the fridge, in my journal, on the dash. Thanks and Happy New Year!

  • I’m a believer of meaningful signs, too. If it strikes you as interesting, then it’s meaningful! Best wishes for the best year ever! (Good idea, Liza)

  • I am so loving your dream. Interesting. Years ago I had a dream of a single lottery ticket with the word Annuity printed at the top. What is so interesting about that? It was before annuity option was available. Still waiting! Maybe this will be the year for both – lol.

  • It’s always good to have a good dream, and you’re right, more times than not, dreams turn out to be somewhat prophetic

  • I LOVE the last thing on the card… Perhaps if we all giggled more often the world would be a better place!! May you share giggles regularly!!

  • Every where there seems to be this cropping up of something good happening this year (despite or in spite of the general doom and gloom). I’m paying attention to this because my gut is saying the same thing. Magic is in the air! woohoo! Love your new year’s card. Thanks for sharing.

  • Love that card and I hope the dream comes true!

  • Cynthia Morris

    That’s awesome! I blogged about a dream I had recently, too! I wonder if we dreamed on the same night. Maybe there was some magic dust in the air that night. I LOVE the idea of being compensated for good work way after the fact. It’s true that one should be kind and good, well, for goodness sake as Santa says, but also because you never know when it will come back to you! Thanks for the great card, too!

  • Great dream. Great card! Thank you, Alyson.