Is an affiliate program for you?

With regard to yesterday’s newsletter and podcast about getting other people to sell your art for you through an affiliate program, some of the comments reminded me to share this important thought with you.

Although anyone can create affiliate program (in any number of ways), there is no guarantee of success. Far from it.

Before you can get other people to sell your art for you, you have to sell them on the idea of your art.
Right? What can they get fired up about so much that they can’t wait to share it with their friends? The average artist with the average portfolio might find this hard to do.

Your job of attracting affiliates will be much easier if there’s something extra special about your work.

  • You have a functional item that solves a problem for people
  • You have a niche market (gardeners, wine lovers, cat lovers) who are crazy about the subject
  • Your work addresses a current event (like all of the Obama artwork out there). Word of caution: Get ’em while they’re hot! Art based on current events tends to be a passing fad.

(Anything I forgot here?)

So, spend time on an affiliate program only if you have the art and the loyal fan base to make it work.

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2 comments to Is an affiliate program for you?

  • An affiliate program is so obvious yet I never really thought of it. This is definitely worth exploring. Thank you.

  • A few thoughts in addition. 🙂 Unique ways to serve up a product or service. (Tutorial sites that offer video tutorials in an interactive flash environment.) Other services: Support product sales through other marketing means that are not directly involved with the product. (Newslettr tips. Free downloads of “desktop art”, etc. ) 😉 Impress people enough and they’ll -want- to be an affiliate. 🙂