Podcast: Offer an upgrade

Increase your bottom line by offering upgrades to art buyers.


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1 comment to Podcast: Offer an upgrade

  • Funny, I got excited reading the newsletter title but had a completely different idea of ‘upgrade’ in mind. 🙂 Might I suggest a trade-in upgrade? I’ve always offered this, though quietly, and your post reminded me that I should announce it more loudly! Basically I offer a trade-in on paintings for the current sale value towards a larger painting. It’s win-win: some collectors may not be able afford the high price of a larger work, or they might prefer something bigger rather than building a set. The collector also gains from the increase in the value of my work too since I trade it for the current value of that size. For me I get back smaller works that are still sought after. In the current economy I see that as a big benefit for me. There may be more demand for smaller works and upgrades can help me keep a good range of smaller pieces on offer while also allowing me to continue creating the larger paintings.