Blast Off students share affirmations and visions

Some of the students from the formr Blast Off class (now part of Art Biz Bootcamp) posted their assignments online for me to share. Enjoy these!
Marilyn Grad’s affirmations

Dora Ficher’s affirmation cards

Debbi L. Homola’s affirmation cards

Janice McDonald’s abstract collage that she had made into coasters that would always be in front of her

Robin Neudorfer’s affirmation cards

Jodi Flood’s affirming jewelry

Lisa Flowers Ross’s affirmation cards (that’s one of Lisa’s cards pictured at right)

Manon Doyle’s vision board

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8 comments to Blast Off students share affirmations and visions

  • I can’t believe I nearly missed it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALYSON. Take the day off !

  • Norman Rockwell? Who knew! Happy Birthday to all of us, and thanks for the shout out!

  • becca

    Happy Birthday! Have a good evening.

  • Thanks Alyson for posting my vision board! I can’t say enough about your class! I got so much out of it I don’t know where to begin! All I can say is……. thank you!!

  • Alyson Stanfield

    Michael: You got it in in plenty of time! Becca: Thank you. Joanie: Why couldn’t it have been Mark Rothko or Matisse? 🙂 Manon: Yea! I LOVE hearing that!

  • In my defense, I went to the website , picked out a gift card, put it in a cart, pressed Checkout, & a note came up that this product cannot be delivered to my address (Canada…)so, I gave up …But I did have good intentions for your birthday & if you put maybe an Alyson Stanfield birthday gift button somewhere, I promise I’ll make up for my lack of gifting today…(then I went to the nice kitchen store website in Crested Butte, but was like a deer caught in headlights with the array of shiny pans…) (then I thought I’d buy one of your programs, always a safe bet, but now I can’t remember which ones I have already…)All pathetic excuses…I know…But, if this helps, I sold Two paintings today, little old me, & all because I have been following you along like a puppy dog looking for crumbs of bacon or bits of cheese…Thank you for being there for me & Happy Birthday once again…(maybe all the vagrant blog followers like me could chip in for something good?)

  • Alyson Stanfield

    Sari: You shouldn’t have gotten me a single thing. Your loyalty is a gift I can’t repay. Thanks, Cynthia!