Podcast: Slow down and get your email blast right

The convenience of email makes it easy to take it for granted. Have an event or announcement to share with your list? Write your email blast early, edit and test it. It’s worth it and will give you better results.

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4 comments to Podcast: Slow Down and Get Your Email Blast Right

  • So… What do you mean by “test it?” How does one test an email? Are we testing for efficacy? That it looks pretty? Both of these?

  • I have no email list, yet. But I’m working on that! 🙂

  • Patricia: You test to see what it looks like on various screens, including your own. Strange things can happen in the virtual world.

  • I thought I would try my first email blast by posting the same comment to my writing groups on Facebook. This is what i wrote:
    Marie Kazalia has a poem in the new issue of Itch magazine, an art and literary magazine published in South Africa

    also accepting submissions…
    I was blocked by Facebook from posting anymore, for from a few hours to a few days, with possible permanent closing of my Facebook account. I think I posted this to less than 10 of my writing groups I have belonged to for months and receive lots of message from. I wasn’t selling anything. Just announcing a publication, as is often done by poets and writers. Some people in these groups I have known for many years–I’ve been a poet for a long time.

    Big brother can be overwhelming at times.