Ignite the fire in your belly

Do you have what it takes to stomach being a working artist? (Pun intended.) I used to say that confidence was the most important quality for artists trying to make a living from their art, but I no longer believe that to be true. I think it takes fire in the belly. You have to want it madly.

Lorna Allen
Lorna Allen, Flight of the Oystercatchers.
Acrylic, 380 x 760 centimeters.
©The Artist

I love this quote from Tony Robbins, which he posted on Twitter a couple of weeks ago:

The only limit to your impact is your imagination and commitment.

I’ll save the imagination part for later and focus on commitment for this issue. Are you committed? Really committed? You have to be so jazzed about being an artist that you can’t wait to share your art with the world. Your enthusiasm needs to be infectious because we can’t get excited about your work until you’re excited! Do you feel that kind of zeal for your art and art career?

If your dedication has waned, it might be possible to reignite the fire that you once felt. Here are six ideas for resetting that flame.

1. Talk about art and ideas. Make appointments for coffees, lunches, and gallery or museum visits. Talk to people! Being in the studio is lonely. You need to exchange ideas, observe life, and feel in your bones that your time is now.

2. Write. Write about the rich life you envision and fill it with juicy, colorful details. Conduct a self-check to see that your art plays a prominent role in your vision. Share your writings on your blog.

3. Read a book or watch a documentary. I find artist biographies to be the most inspirational and motivational sources. Check out a book or DVD from your library and remind yourself of the proud heritage to which you belong.

4. Listen to motivational audio. You can catch the podcast version of this newsletter each Monday on the. If listening online isn’t your thing, you can now get CDs containing the best of my podcasts. Choose from three different subjects.

5. Plan an event or exhibit. Nothing gets the juices flowing like facing deadlines.

6. Sign up for a seminar or workshop. Learn a new medium or technique or get help with your business. (Psssst: Check out my workshop schedule.)

KNOW THIS———-~> A well-lit fire will keep you moving forward.

THINK ABOUT THIS—~> Has the flame burned out?

DO THIS————~>Ignite the fire in your belly! We all have ups and downs, but you must be a self-starter in order to succeed. You have to find the enthusiasm that will energize you when you encounter rough spots. No one can gift this to you. It must come from within you.

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