Podcast: Listen, read, act, repeat

What are the four most dangerous words in the English language? The secret is revealed in this week’s podcast. Listen to find out how these four dangerous words close the door on new experiences that could enrich your life, your art, and your business.


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The last episode of the Art Marketing Action podcast was November 22, 2010. You can listen to or download any episode on iTunes.

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3 comments to Podcast: Listen, Read, Act, Repeat

  • Love this! Thanks for the reminder.

  • On the other end of that stick, don’t assume everyone has heard the story…Someone handed me a flyer for a peacelove concert this Saturday , & said it was to benefit two young men “who had been murdered last summer”…When I asked why, or what I was told “everyone knows the story”…Something about Oliver & Dylan on June 13th…I threw the flyer out, because the guy was so hostile & impatient to tell the story again, & I thought maybe peace & love were not the real themes of the concert…More like the angry hostile impatient concert…
    Lesson, not everyone has heard your story, sometimes you have to tell it again…

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