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Paying my affiliates. Want a little extra money?

"a real man wouldn't paint any pictures! Or wonder about the universe Or believe in dreams Or think trees sometimes look at him." #dekooning

FREE Printable Blank Color Wheels fr artist Shirley Williams: http://color-wheel-artist.com/printable-color-wheels.html (color theory site)

Have a need for easy email groups for collaborating, staying in touch with specific people? See http://tgethr.com

Any of you artists ever advertise in Artist Advocate magazine? Good results?

RT @SianLindemann: Thank your critics, then kindly ignore, as if they really wished for your success, . . .

Just found Artists' Health Insurance Resource Center

RT Changes afoot! Lots of old newsletters coming down. Get them while you can in the Art Marketing Action archives

It's embarrassing how long it's been since I logged in to LinkedIn. Anyone else find themselves ignoring LI?

RT @nametagscott: Be insanely committed. In your consistency, you will become more look-up-to-able. Does your commitment inspire people?

Makers of American and Canadian fine craft: NICHE Awards deadline is 9/30. Applications at http://nicheawards.com

Modern Postcard has a 50% off postcards (1000 or more) sale through 7/31. Use code: OBE-5JUL09. http://bit.ly/FGJOo

Please RT Win $4100 worth of free artist-made outdoor furniture in the Ugly Patio Furniture Contest. Due 8/1

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