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Some highlights from this past week on Twitter. All of these are my updates. If you don't want to miss them, please follow me: @abstanfield.

Joshua Tree Nat'l Park-Riverside Art Museum artist residency applications due 7/15. http://bit.ly/C5uXP

RT @rebeccashapiro: "Miles Davis bends the notes. He doesn't play them, he bends them. I bend the paint" p. 562 #dekooning–>Great quote!

Don't send your press release as a Word document! Put it in the body of the email. Attachments look suspicious and might carry viruses.

@thebigdogshow Be sure all the details of your e-invite is in the body of the email so people don't HAVE to open an attachment to get info

Galleries announce they're going paperless for mailings http://bit.ly/5wFiN

Nice thing to do: Send someone an email out of the blue to tell them how much you appreciate their blog, newsletter, or tweets.

RT @PublicityHound: Funny video of a dog defending itself from stealing its own bone. http://ow.ly/ga2p –> That's hysterical!

RT @PublicityGuru: MASHABLE: 19 Twitter Desktop Apps Compared http://bit.ly/149upL

Rental car prices going up up up. Why and how to save: http://bit.ly/JIA0c

Amarillo College (TX 2-yr school) looking for experienced painting/drawing faculty member. Google if you're interested–sorry I have no link

In Salida, CO. Gallery says sales up 40% so far this year!

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