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Create a business card in Photoshop–online Photoshop workshop for artists starts 6/29 http://is.gd/1Ce56

Per @robertgenn — “Brushes” is an iPhone app you can use to make mini digital paintings.

#dekooning always in doubt (pg 322) about his painting. Is it better to doubt or be sure? Can you ever be sure?

Just figured out I’ve done workshops or keynotes in 20 states. What’s up with the other 30? How about NM, MO, MN, GA ???

Working on press release for San Francisco workshop–November 14. Stay tuned for details.

Art Calendar studio makeover contest ends 7/31. $10K in prizes. http://bit.ly/voNEK

RT @LFerrenBayer Need to buy a printer $400 max. that uses archival ink and can print on a variety of papers, inc. w/c.>>Can anyone help?

RT @Loriwords: RT @clintavo: Lori Woodward Simons explorers the usefulness of Twitter for artists http://faso.us/2j

Film satire about contemporary art gallery to be released this fall http://bit.ly/wBMgc

Try getting “Painters Painting” 2-video set thru yr library or museum. We used to have it in a museum loaner program. #dekooning

@tsitra in my #artbizclass wants to know when to take someone off your mailing list. I say “almost never”. See http://bit.ly/Z2O59 You?

Demise of conversations about painting and rise of conversation about reputation signaled end of good old days at the Cedar #dekooning p.423

“Be alert to the senses. Elevate the ordinary. Art is about a heightened state of awareness.”–Michael Kimmelman

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  • Jonathan, Virtual Assistant

    This information could be used for anyone interested in Twitter and related tools. Social Media marketing is emerging as a useful business tool for many.

  • You have an open invite to speak in GA, Metro Atlanta please (preferably the NW Side).