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The best, brightest and most helpful tweets of this past week. (While we continue to work on getting the all new Art Biz Blog into tip-top shape.)

RT @ArtistTaraReed: A gift for artists: One hour “Ask” call replay with attorney Cheryl Hodgson (@eBrandingQueen) FREE!

RT @mashable Twitter Correcting Follower Counts: 1000s of Spammers Perish http://bit.ly/1ZvhZm

Last night went to hear author and food columnist Jason Sheehan discuss new book “Cooking Dirty.” Can’t wait to read it!

Twitter Bird

Good tips! How to Support Your Gallery If You Have One from @ericrhoads http://bit.ly/VUXUh

The Get Organized class for artists starts August 5.

RT @Jason_Pollock: 100 #Entrepreneurs You Should Follow and Learn From on #Twitter http://short.to/kdrc via @1txsage1957 @dudeman718

RT @tim_oneill new blog post, art pricing, your attitude stinks up the process. Lady Godiva spews rath at an art show http://bit.ly/yEabV

How to price your art on Art Bistro: http://bit.ly/2vP3XP and RT @lisacall on psychological Pricing: http://bit.ly/12PeiH #makebigart

RT @SianLindemann: Create really cool videos here … for Virtual Art Tours #vat #siandesign

Community matters in the Attention Economy. Read about what the Arts are up against from @AJDoug Arts Journal blog

Just found this tool . . . Online mind-mapping for your collaborations http://www.mindmeister.com

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