Update: Facebook account disabled

Just a quick note to let you know that after my Facebook account was hacked, Facebook dealt me another blow when they disabled my account!

I’m doing what I can to get it up and working (anyone have a friend at Facebook headquarters?), but please know that I haven’t defriended you and I’m not ignoring you. I’m just not able to access Facebook at this time.

All’s well at 3:30 Monday afternoon. I’m back on the Book of Faces (as Dean McCready put it).

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6 comments to Update: Facebook account disabled

  • Hi Alyson:

    Just a reminder for any issues you may have with Facebook… Mari Smith went to their conference in January when she was on Smartist… so that is who I would contact if you have any more issues there.

    Have a great day… Elle How

  • Angela Smith

    My Facebook account was hacked over this past weekend and I reported it as did my friends. They disabled me as well. I emailed them through the disabled page as well as the help page. However, I thought I was just going to a black hole. How did you get back up and running?

  • Elle: Thank you.

    Angela: Look at the original post for the details:

  • Joanne Wolf

    Angela, mine was disabled on 8/14 and I have been unable to get an answer out of FB except for their canned “thank you for your inquiry, we’re looking into it” response. All I did was respond to like 4 messages, but b/c I did it “too quickly”, they disabled me. I am waivering between distraught and pissed. It seems, from other blogs/chat rooms I’ve been looking at, that it takes about 2 weeks b/f you get a response. It also seems as though they will reactivate you if that’s all you are guilty of – which is just going too fast, either commenting, messaging, adding friends, deleting friends, etc. I am hopeful that they will show mercy on me. Till then I am so lost w/o my friends and my games.

  • Alyson, sorry to hear about your Facebook challenges. FYI, I link to your post here in my post about how Facebook disabled my account, too.
    Facebook Disabled My Account: Too Friendly too Fast?
    All the best.

  • My account was disabled 4 days ago. I never received any warning or any reason for disabling my account. If I were reported for any malicious acts, then it would be fair if they could specify the reasons.

    I am really pissed off. Sent my follow up message just minutes ago. Hope they would reply soon.