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It’s a rundown of my most fascinating (ahem) tweets of the past two weeks. Truly, I only pick the best for you.

RT @futureofmuseums: Top 20 most powerless people in the art world http://bit.ly/1G77FV via @artfulmanager

Twitter Bird

Amazing how many ugly art sites there are out there. Don’t let yours be one of them! Website checkup

Am Craft Council is moving from NYC to Minneapolis. Sign of the times? http://bit.ly/3hRoyz

SF Chronicle plans new arts section when other papers cutting back on arts. YES! http://bit.ly/2ws9Zq via @lauraloveslux @AudienceDevSpec

“Do what needs to be done, and check to see if it was impossible only after you are done.”–Paul Hawken

Artists: Add your portfolio to your iPhone & iPod Touch. Studio Art Direct blog http://bit.ly/mSfdP

RT @problogger: New at ProBlogger: 14 Types of Stories You Can Tell On Your Blog http://bit.ly/3SslVa

Please give people a chance to explain or help before you accuse or threaten. Email can sound so nasty! Most people are good.

RT @clintavo via FASO client: “A gentleman I didn’t previously know bought $23,000 worth of art from my website…sight unseen.”

Don’t call your own artwork or own event “exciting.” Be more creative (and less superlative) than that.

Trying out http://evernote.com to clip and save stuff. Looks pretty neat!

“Then I’ll do it myself,” said the Little Red Hen, and she did.

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  • The following from the “20 Most Powerless People in the Art World”
    pokes some much deserved fun at the uber-celebrity artist Damien Hirst. It totally nail it for me:

    #12 – The faceless miners in Sierra Leone who procured the 8,601 diamonds for Damien Hirst’s sparkling skull – they may fear for their lives every day as they work in hazardous work conditions and subsist on less than 1% of the value of a pencil in a Hirst installation, but they sleep well at night knowing that a silly sculpture that represents the pinnacle of the latest gilded age exists.