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RT @robrodriguezjr: I use Polaris to interpret my Goggle Analytics – very nice: http://bit.ly/3qkLxi >Thanks, Rob!

You’re my top (outside of self) referral site for October @kirstymhall –according to Google Analytics

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RT @shaboom: RT @TheOnion: “Obliviousness strikes 1 in 3 Americans…and most don’t even know it.” #NationalAwarenessMonth

RT @trishatakamai: “The will to be stupid is a very powerful force, but there are always alternatives.”–Lois Bujold

Numerous podcasts available from recent Am Crafts Council conference. Neat! http://bit.ly/2Usgml

Joanne Mattera shares how she deals with commissions. Great post http://bit.ly/1dgh2F

Thoughts on rejection for artists– from Jennifer King http://bit.ly/44pSST


Use your signature for your logo IF and only if everyone can read what it says

Eeek. Just got newsletter from artist with “Newsletter” in the subject line. Now why should I open that???

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