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It’s time again for the best of my tweets you might have missed over the past two weeks. Take notes!

Artists on Etsy disclose grueling hours and hard work it takes to turn hobby into business. NYT

Artists: Make sure you have a link on your blog where I can see a bunch of your art at once. Make sure it’s easy to find your art!
Twitter Bird

Just saw this slide-to-digital converter at BB&B. Any artists ever use one of these? Quality?

Artists: Check out the Studio Protector (guide for emergencies) from CERF

“Regret for the things we did can be tempered by time; it is regret for things we did not do that is inconsolable.”-Sidney J. Harris

New Book: Sargent’s Daughters re John Singer Sargent. NY Times

Sylvia White’s list of 31 resources juried artist exhibits http://bit.ly/7N6IaI

The psychology of showing SOLD artwork from @Loriwords http://bit.ly/6rIhAd

RT @ProductivGirl: It’s not “touch it once,” but when u touch something, make a decision! Don’t put it down without making a decision.

Envision a 1950s NYC loft with jazz musicians, photographers, & painters. NPR story

My favorite holiday songs on iTunes iMix. No kickbacks for me!–Just sharing

RT @nhenke: How many followers of @abstanfield are on etsy? Anyone interested in putting a treasury together? TexasHillCountryArt.etsy

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