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Buying primitive pod pot from @LizCrainClay for a Christmas gift. I love them! Her Etsy shop: http://bit.ly/7jikuI

Why each of your artworks should have a unique URL–from @clintavo and @fasobuzz http://bit.ly/6icX3E

Don’t question the instructions for an art exhibit application. Just follow them. The organizers know what they’re doing.
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RT @Loriwords: “Practicing Quiet Confidence” featured on FAVs NL today: http://bit.ly/7lhhnt >>About mingling at ur art opening

Artists: Early reg for smARTist Telesummit in Jan. ends 12/8. 7 days/13 sessions. Save $50 now http://bit.ly/7hHDyu

RT @InnerSpirit: I like this! RT @lifecoach99: The elevator to success is out of order. You will have to use the stairs. One step at a time.

Where’s the best artist bio you’ve seen online? Feel free to submit your own.

Google stats for Nov for ArtBizCoach: @tina_m and @drewbrophy were in Top 10 referrers. Thank you! @mariabrophy

Grammar Police emailed me: “pressure off of” in my newsletter is poor grammar. No “of” needed. I need the exact rule with the GP on patrol.

Would you sign up 30 days early for a workshop if it were $175 instead of $195? Or is that not enough of a difference?

Creating a Colorado Artists Twitter List. Only have 2 on it so far, but I know I’m missing a ton. Let me know you’re here.

“Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.”–Julia Child

Buy a copy of “I’d Rather Be in the Studio” now and get 7 bonus gifts. Jingle all the way. http://bit.ly/7oXPvW

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