Tweet Makeovers

The challenge? Being pithy (and helpful) in 140 characters or less.

The players? You and your Twitter followers.

The scene? Pick one.

scene 1
You’re tempted to tweet: “Congratulations @xxx !”
But you opt for: “Congrats on the photo-video exhibit in May @xxx !”

Why? Unless your followers are also following @xxx at the right time, they will have no idea why you’re sending your congratulations. Acknowledge the accomplishment by naming it.

scene 2
You’re tempted to tweet:: “New blog post at http://….”
But you opt for: “Artists: Learn how to improve your tweets on the Art Biz Blog http://…”

Why? “New blog post” doesn’t tell me anything! There’s a bazillion blogs out there. Why should I stop everything to read YOUR blog post? What will it do for me?

scene 3
You’re tempted to tweet: “Great advice for artists at http://….”
But you opt for: “Artists who want tips for their statements should read this from @xxx http://…”

Why? “Great advice” might not be advice I’m needing or wanting at the moment. And the link could go anywhere–especially if you’re using a link-shortening service like and the true URL is hidden. Tell me what I’m going to get if you want me to click on it. Also, if the author of the post you’re linking to is on Twitter, be sure to give them a Twitter plug by adding their @name.

scene 4
You’re tempted to tweet: “This video is hilarious! http://…”
But you opt for: “Cute kitten alert! This video will make you laugh out loud http://…”

Why? See reasoning under scene 3. In the tempting tweet, I have no idea what the video is about or why I’d want to click on it. Give me something to cling to–something to entice me.

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