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Here are some of my Twitter tweets you might have missed if you’ve been (as you should have been) celebrating, resting, opening packages, and sipping champagne and eggnog over the past two weeks.

10 Great free software apps from Inc.com

Never pay a web designer to learn how to do something 4 u. Learning is off-the-clock. Find someone else who already knows how.

Twitter Bird

Artists: Fight for your ideas. Be a warrior! via @copyblogger @JonMorrow

RT @OstrichPincher Creatives have spectacular hearing. We barely hear our ideas whisper “Impossible” & they hear a resounding “I’m possible”

If you use a different biz name for your FB fan page, be sure your name is there so we can identify it with being handmade.

RT @SharonRosa Find your own color of the year http://bit.ly/4W3o08

When’s the last time you changed your passwords?

Import your blog posts into your FB Fan Page. Instructions via @originalimpulse

US Mint seeking artists to design coins & medals http://bit.ly/5z6GKo via @artcalendar

Artists: Are you set up with your state to collect sales taxes?

RT @ovac: Remember this incredible resource for artists/creatives’ health insurance info http://ahirc.org

My husband as Mantegna’s Lamentation on my FB fan page. Really very funny

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