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Is it just me or does this bi-Tweekly have more juice in it than usual? I may be on a roll! If you weren’t watching your Twitter screen 24/7 over the last two weeks–and let’s face it, why would you be???–you may have missed some of these goodies. enjoy!

My May 14-15 Rehoboth Beach, DE workshop is now online. Think about coming to the beach!

The toll of the earthquake on Haitian art and artists. LA Times

She put on her necklace that says “Fearless” and took a nap.

Twitter Bird

4 artists already registered for May workshop in Lancaster, PA. I sense a sell-out!

JUST found out about this inventory/contact management system for artists. Anyone using http://vam-p.net/ ??

Artists: Have you written anything about how you title your art? Would love to see it!

RT @kitchen_knife: @abstanfield After a hard creative freeze, I DID 15 minutes & not only made something new, but found a new direction!

A new site for @margauxlange Interesting you used “Profile” instead of “About” in your menu. Social media influence?

It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.-Eleanor Roosevelt via @jendanderson

Having a hard time keeping track of receipts for tax season? Check out Neat Receipts. NYT

VERY Cool site with Pantone/CMYK/HEX# colors

3 Facebook settings every user should check now! NYT

Stop worrying about stuff you can’t control. Great post from @inspiredjen http://bit.ly/8yokkc

Need to meet someone for coffee? This site tells you what’s near the half-way pt between you http://meetways.com

Near Wisconsin? March 9-10 workshop with yours truly in Racine. Early reg ends 2/12. Would love to meet you!

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