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Totally blew @johntunger interviewing @chrisguillebeau RATS! Now subscribed to the Art Heroes on iTunes. Yippee!

GYST software for artists new version ready next week. $50 off right now

Artist shares her experience “handling” art teachers at a workshop with two disruptive personalities via @MaryRichmond

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Planning an open studio? Get tips in this FREE audio program

How to import your blog posts into your FB profile (not FB fan page)

Like artists, museums really need to get their media rooms online. None of my 3 former museum employers have media rooms on their sites.

Artists undercutting other artists. What are you to do? via @MariaBrophy

RT @chrisguillebeau Daily Ass-Kicking: “When setting out on a journey, do not seek advice from those who have never left home.” -Rumi

RT @originalimpulse: Colorado artists interested in making art for public spaces? Learn all about it March 13-14

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