Drive More Traffic to Your Website

You can’t just build a website and wait for people to come. If you want more visitors, take a lesson from all the ways I direct you to and then adapt these to your situation.

Shoshanna Bauer, Going Home. Watercolor

Shoshanna Bauer, Going Home. Watercolor, 15 x 11.5 inches. ©The Artist

Here are fifteen techniques to start the wheels churning.

1. I send out the weekly newsletter that helps you with your art career. In it, I post links to classes, workshops, and products on my site. I do the same with the audio version (the Art Marketing Action podcast)—mentioning the site at the beginning and end of each recording and often in between.

2. I put a link in my signature block that is attached to the bottom of all of my email messages. You would be surprised at how many non-artists are intrigued by what I do and want to know more. Likewise, I’m sure they’d be interested in what you do. Everyone loves to meet artists and see good art!

3. This blog links to and links to featured products in the sidebar.

4. I offer complimentary marketing plans at Art Biz Connection. These are to encourage artists to get together and support one another. No coincidentally, the marketing plans send subscribers back to

5. My classes and e-books all have links that reference items on the site.

6. I always keep a supply of postcards—with my URL prominent—to send or hand out.

7. I advertise in artist magazines from time to time, but paying for advertising is rare. I’m spoiled by the effectiveness of free publicity and word of mouth.

8. I write articles for magazines like Professional Artist, which mention my site.

9. I conduct workshops and give keynote addresses. My website URL is prominent at the beginning and end of my presentation slides. Those who want follow-up information can get it by going to a special page just for them at Read the details of how I set up this process.

10. If you call my voicemail, you’ll hear a recording that says I’m sorry I missed you, but I hope you’ll visit to find out about marketing tools for artists, etc.

11. I am a guest on radio shows and agree to many blog interviews. The promotions always mention my site and link to it.

12. I wrote a book that mentions my sites frequently.

13. Every so often, I tweet promotional links on Twitter. In between, I build trust with followers through conversation and by providing helpful resources.

14. I have an Art Biz Coach fan page on Facebook.

15. I say Yes! to anyone (so far) who asks if it’s okay for them to link to me. I go out of my way to be helpful to anyone who wants to promote me.

Are you driving traffic OR just waiting for it to start coming in?

FINAL WORD: You can’t just build a website and wait for the traffic to pick up. You have to encourage visits consistently. Look at your online presence, and check all of the details for each outlet. Are you driving traffic to your site wherever you can?

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12 comments to Drive More Traffic to Your Website

  • I don’t put my email address on my business card, only my website and my blog, so people have to go to my sites if they wish to email me. That is a sure way to drive traffic to my sites.

    I am a bit old school and tell people the best way to contact me is to call me. When I did have my email address on my business card, i just got email that I didn’t want and no relationships. If someone is interested in my artwork, they can look at my website and call me. Relationships are built by real person to person communication and not via email.

    • Interesting tactic, AJ, but I do think you’re missing out. I’ve read about so many people who don’t like using the phone and won’t communicate if there is no email address. I hope it works out for you, but I’m dubious.

  • They say when you attend a seminar if you get only ONE thing. it’s fantastic.
    Well in your sharing ALison I got ONE THING. that is to include my web site with my signature in every email. NOw why didn’t I think of this before? Thank you so much for the idea.

    As for my tidbit , my web site includes a B&B we have in Costa Rica, like an artist’s residency. It’s a great intimate place to stay and there you can choose a button which is my art work…and vice versa.

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  • This is a great article with some really good advice. Thanks I’m going to use it!

  • Great post, the signature block was a added weapon for me as well. Just finished your book and have applied for a consultation. I think that combined with the book as the consistent info supply I just might pull this off. Thanks again.

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  • […] Drive more traffic to your website Um, if i build it, won’t they just come? […]

  • patbarden

    okay–the newsletter–iget it–but where do you get the emails to mail it to?

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  • Looks like you’ve got it covered here. I have a lot to learn and a lot more to do to promote my illustration site. Thanks for this post Alyson!