Converting In-Person Meetings into Web Visits

As a result of conducting workshops over the years, I discovered that some of the same questions come up over and over again–questions I can answer by pointing people to an old blog post or resource.

When such a question is asked during a workshop, I can say, “I’ll give you all the details for that in some follow-up information.”

Also, new questions may arise. I ask an assistant to write down these questions and I promise to respond to them in the follow-up.

Alex Leadbeater, Closed

Alex Leadbeater, Closed. Acrylic on canvas on board, 40 x 40 inches. ©The Artist

After the workshop–maybe 2-3 days later–I send all of the participants an email with a link to a special page just for them. This page has about 20 additional resources for their art careers.

The workshop follow-up page also, quite purposefully, advertises my next class in big, bold letters.

It would be an error to give workshop participants everything in a handout or an email. I want them to visit! For their troubles, they’ll be rewarded with extremely helpful resources.

You could do the same at your workshops, gallery talks, and even in your festival booth. If you have email addresses, great! You can follow up with a link in an email. If not, print business cards with a special URL where you post FAQs.

On your FAQs page, promote a single thing in a big way. This might be a newsletter sign-up, a special report, an exhibit, or an upcoming class. But it should be just one thing. Be sure to update the page before each event.

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