Art Marketing Action Podcast: Brag Better About Your Art, About You

Peggy Klaus, author of Brag! How to Toot Your Own Horn Without Blowing It, says brag is not a four-letter word: “Remaining quiet about your successes only leads to being underappreciated and overlooked.” Brag better about your art by spending time reviewing your accomplishments.

Tune in to this week’s Art Marketing Action podcast–an audio version of the newsletter/post of the same title. Read the newsletter here.

The last episode of the Art Marketing Action podcast was November 22, 2010. You can listen to or download any episode on iTunes.

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6 comments to Art Marketing Action Podcast: Brag Better About Your Art, About You

  • BRAG – Started my MFA at Claremont Graduate University in August 2011. Put everything into place to begin teaching classes at Orange Oak Studio (my own small business) beginning in January 2012. Wow!

  • Ethel Mays

    At the beginning of 2011 I wrote down what I wanted to do with my art, poetry, and writing, and then made a pact with myself to immerse myself in the various arts that I love and at the same time explore and open myself up to marketing information and applications:
    1) Paid up my wet darkroom membership for the entire year and scheduled regular weekly printing sessions in order to get work done.
    2) Enrolled in quarterly weekend monotype printing intensives, which keeps my creativity from getting stale.
    3) Enrolled in a twice weekly adult ballet class because I love the art form and want to reap its benefits of movement, strength, and toning, and because participating in this art form also keeps me from getting stale.
    4) Displayed art on walls in several local and out-of-town locations to get my name back in circulation (some displays still up at current writing).
    5) Restructured participation in poetry readings to accommodate the best ones so that the process of making art experiences low impact.
    6) Accepted many long-standing hospitality offers from artists and poet/writers so I can get a good night’s rest after out-of-town readings and openings.
    7) Scheduled one day a month away from my day job in order to take in what’s up at art galleries and museums.
    (eight) “Journalize” almost daily which, among many things, explores and helps keep track of ideas, thoughts, and feelings.
    9) “Hang out” with artists and writers who are actually making a living with their passions so I can continue learning and making contacts.
    10) Eat healthy and well, and once weekly treat my body to an affordable Korean bath house.
    11) Affirm, every day, that my life’s purpose is to live, work, and support myself as an artist and enjoy doing so.

  • Corynne Hilbert

    My New Year’s resolution was to create a website and I did!

  • 1. Became an official business.
    2. Got my website up.
    3. Built up my painting inventory.
    4. Did my very first art festival.
    5. Organized my studio office….thank you Alyson!!
    6. Learned how to create “buy” buttons.
    7. Improved my painting techniques.
    Phew…what a year!! YAY me!!