Create an Event on Your Facebook Fan Page

It’s easy to post art exhibits, shows, and sales as events on your Facebook fan page.

This 5-minute video shows you how in just a few simple steps.

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14 comments to Create an Event on Your Facebook Fan Page

  • Thanks Alyson!
    I was so happy to see this laid out in one place since I’d stumbled through this process just yesterday. Excellent instructions!
    PS: Anyone in the Greenville SC area is welcome to stop by and see me at Greer Gallery Walk on Saturday!!/event.php?eid=139777416066972&ref=ts

  • I am not sure how to do this, but for those motivated to figure it out, here is what I learned…If you can insert a any other tracker) piece of html in your Facebook fan page, you can then see your visitors who visit…often people will read & visit without interacting, & having the statcounter on sites, especially this one, can help artists feel encouraged…You may feel discouraged if people don’t friend or fan you in droves, but having a counter will tell you if people are visiting or not & who they are. This can make a big difference in how you perceive your own efforts. many of my sites which look dormant to me are actually quite active, now that I can see the secret visitors…(which keeps me from deleting everything at the end of the year…)

  • Thanks for all the info you have made available. I just put up my first fan page yesterday, thanks to your instructions. I also posted a link to your blog on mine – hope you don’t mind. I believe you have a wealth of knowledge we can all benefit by.


  • Sari

    Ok, so I found “Profile Counter” an app attached to Facebook…
    & I found “Profile Html” another app attached to Facebook…
    I will save everybody alot of trouble by saying neither of these apps work for putting a statcounter up…Profile Counter was supposed to put a ‘Count me’ button on your page for people to click to say they visited…
    Profile html said you could put code in like a statcounter code to register visitors. But neither work.
    Facebook privacy policy elucidated that they don’t think that kind of statcounter idea is ok, because it is an invasion of privacy so I think there is code in Facebook that disables those apps…(even if it looks like they work)…
    I also tried Google Analytics which a Facebook guy(in their help forum) said worked, but even with his workaround, has not worked…
    What I finally realised, after the trying, that when I am online, & other people post entries, soon after I have posted, that they are sort of saying hi…That it is not an accident that they arrive online when I am there…Took me a while to understand that…

  • […] week I showed you how to create an event on Facebook and the pitfalls to look for when doing […]

  • Here is great step by step tutorial on how to create event on facebook.

  • Adam Amrod

    Hey Alyson,

    Thanks for the you know of any possible way to invite fans from a fan page to an event you created…Like you can with a regular friend page?


  • david

    how can i keep the event post at the top of the page after people comment on it?

  • Hi Alyson
    Thanks for posting this video–but I think Facebook has changed the set-up of fan pages (or else I am even less computer literate than I thought 🙁 )
    I can’t find the link to to the “event” option that you click on in the video.
    Any suggestions?
    Thanks so much!