5 Ways to Invite Friends & Fans on Facebook to Your Event

Last week I showed you how to create an event on Facebook and the pitfalls to look for when doing that.

Today I’m going to walk you through 5 ways to send a personal invitation to the event to your friends and/or fans on Facebook.

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7 comments to 5 Ways to Invite Friends & Fans on Facebook to Your Event

  • Hi Alyson, I liked your informative video on how to invite people to an event. It’s direct and to the point. I do like how you stress personalizing information. And, I find it helpful to hear about FB etiquette. Thanks! Peggy

  • Great info Alyson – as usual. I was aware of a couple of these options but learned how to reach others who were not my “friends”. Thanks.

  • Peggy and Jane: Glad you found it helpful. So much about FB is a mystery. It’s been fun trying to figure it all out.

  • Thanks for the FB event lesson, I want to know how to invite (all) guests from the pop-up box , without having to choose each one individually. Can’t we just do something like click & hold the shift key (which doesn’t work)? I try to click on the all button too, and that doesn’t work either help!!

  • Carole Gernett

    Great info! FB has at times confused me. I have never created an event but I’m definately going to do so in the future